LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Officials from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department have released a report detailing officers’ use of force in Las Vegas over the last five years. They say 2022 resulted in fewer police shootings when compared to the average over the reported period.

The news release details officer-involved shooting statistics from 2022. Police say .0009% of the 1,480,183 events resulted in an officer-involved shooting, below the five-year average of 16.

“The LVMPD continues to strategize on how to reduce deadly force incidents involving
officers,” the release said. “An emphasis on strong supervision during dynamic incidents and Body Worn Camera utilization is paramount for transparency and accountability.”

The “Use of Force and Vehicle Pursuit Annual 5-Year Statistical Report 2018-2022” gathered by the Office of Internal Oversight and Constitutional Policing is available on the LVMPD website.