LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A woman is facing embezzlement charges after police said she stole more than $16,000 from the convenience store where she worked while allegedly being part of a staged robbery.

Latoya Hall, 32, was the manager of an ampm located in the central Las Vegas valley when she acted as the victim of the staged robbery while two armed suspects stole money she was handling, police said.

On Tuesday, Aug. 16, just after 9 a.m., Hall was counting money in an open office at the back of the store when both suspects came in, walked to the back, and stole approximately $10,564 while showing her a gun one of them was holding, an arrest report said.

According to the report, the suspects also took her fanny pack and two of her phones before running away. Hall told police nothing else was stolen, the report said.

After the incident, detectives were led to believe the robbery was an “inside job” because it is uncommon for such a large amount of money to be stolen from a convenience store and the suspects seemed to know exactly when and where to get the money.

“All this was highly suspicious,” police wrote in the report.

In an Aug. 29 interview with police, Hall told detectives she quit her job three days earlier because it was “terrible.” Later that day, store management noticed $6,000 that Hall had transferred to the store was missing.

On Aug. 30, Hall allegedly told an ampm corporate security officer that the suspects who had robbed her also stole her driver’s license and found her home address. She said that sometime after the robbery, they approached her at her mailbox and said they wanted her to get more money from the store for them, the report said.

She told the officer she ordered the $6,000, took it from the store on Aug. 24, and gave it to them that day. She asked the officer if they could “keep the police out of it,” according to the report.

In another interview, when police told her they thought she was lying, Hall said she had “made a mistake,” by participating in the thefts, but did not know who the suspects were, the report said.

Hall said that “all she was supposed to do was sit back and let it happen,” and that she did it on behalf of a woman who needed help getting money, police said.

Hall was charged with two counts of embezzlement of at least $5,000 but less than $25,000. She was being held Thursday at the Clark County Detention Center.