LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Las Vegas man accused of abusing his ex-wife for several years allegedly broke into her home and tried to kill her, according to an arrest report.

Jose Ricardo Pineda-Reyes, 38, is facing multiple charges including domestic battery, assault domestic violence with a deadly weapon, attempted murder, child abuse or neglect, and possessing a gun as a prohibited person.

The victim told police she had been married to Pineda-Reyes for years and shared children with him. They finalized their divorce in 2020, and the victim later began dating a new boyfriend and recently had a child with him, the report said.

The victim said Pineda-Reyes was upset after finding out she had a child with another man and had been calling her all day before the shooting, but she did not answer his calls, according to the report.

On Feb. 8 around 2 a.m., the victim was woken up to Pineda-Reyes repeatedly hitting her in the back of the head with a gun while yelling “I let you go last time” and “I’ll kill you and the kids,” the report said. The victim tried to protect two of her children, who were sleeping in the bed with her, while Pineda-Reyes allegedly kept battering her.

Another child of the victim came into the room and begged Pineda-Reyes to stop, to which he responded, “I’m gonna do it, I’m gonna kill her. I’m not leaving her without killing her,” according to the report.

Pineda-Reyes allegedly forced the child into a bathroom and threatened to shoot the child when she opened the bathroom door. He then demanded the victim’s cell phone password and began searching through her phone, asking why she hadn’t been answering his calls.

“She recalled hearing him say ‘I’m going to kill you, and kill the baby… and then myself,'” the report said.

Pineda-Reyes then shot the victim multiple times and left, the report said. After he was gone, the victim gathered up her children and drove herself to a nearby hospital, where she was treated for gunshot wounds to her leg, arm and shoulder and a fracture to her hand.

At the hospital, the victim explained to police that violence had slowly escalated in their relationship throughout the years and Pineda-Reyes became physically abusive and controlling, discussing a time in 2019 when he allegedly drove her to Death Valley, beat her, and told her he was going to kill her.

Pineda-Reyes had been previously arrested in Nevada on charges including DUI 3rd offense, battery domestic violence, resisting a public officer, reckless driving, and grand larceny.

He had been convicted of felony grand larceny auto in 2005.

The victim has had multiple temporary protection orders against domestic violence against Pineda-Reyes in the last five years, the report said. There was no active protection order against him at the time of the incident.

Reyes was arrested on the morning of Feb. 8. When being interviewed by police, he asked detectives “is she okay?” and refused to speak further without a lawyer, the report said.

He was booked into the Clark County Detention Center, where he remained as of Friday. He was being held on $500,000 bail.

Anyone in a violent relationship or who knows anyone in a violent relationship should seek help immediately. For resources including shelter information, protection orders, and legal aid, visit this link.