LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Las Vegas man is accused of threatening to shoot up an LGBTQ+ community event after receiving a text from the organization that was hosting it.

Michael Zahara, 61, allegedly sent a text to affiliates and attending members of the Human Rights Campaign of Nevada that said “planning to shoot up Nazi HRC event.”

An employee for the HRC told police that the organization uses an app that sends out event information to people who are subscribed to receive messages. He reported the text was received on Oct. 13 as a response to a mass message inviting subscribers to attend an upcoming event on Oct. 18 at the LGBTQ+ Center of Southern Nevada.

Police contacted a person, whose name was redacted in an arrest report, who said he was no longer associated with the phone number the threat came from. He told police it was his family’s phone number which had not been used in 15 years, according to the report. The man told police he was a Democrat and received the distribution texts.

When officers called the phone number, a man, identified as Zahara, answered and said he responded to the mass text message. Zahara admitted to texting “planning to shoot up Nazi HRC event,” the report said.

When police asked him for his name, he only responded with “Zahara” and said “if you were really the police you would already know that,” before hanging up, according to the report.

When police called again, Zahara answered and said he was a Republican and should be on the “do not contact” list. He said that as a Republican, he shouldn’t be getting text messages from the organization, the report said.

Zahara hung up on detectives again and did not answer their third call. He then texted detectives “tied up with major family health issues in addition to my own. If you are not a campaign bot I’ll respond,” according to the report.

Police later confirmed that Zahara was subscribed to the phone number, which had also been corroborated with prior suspicious activity reports.

One of the suspicious activity reports, made on Dec. 27 last year, was from an RTC representative who said Zahara called and threatened that he would “shoot up the place because his appointment was not soon enough,” the report said. The representative said Zahara sounded intoxicated and reverted to insults before hanging up.

The second suspicious activity report was made on July 11 when Zahara was told he would have to pay for a paratransit trip he scheduled with the Mobility Training Center. Zahara said it was stupid and discriminatory, and he “wondered why you guys don’t get shot up more, hoping someone shoots you up,” according to the report.

Officers found and arrested Zahara on Oct. 15 near Lake Mead Boulevard and Buffalo Drive.

In an interview with police, Zahara said he was a politically active person with his own blog. He said he had been a Democrat for 30 years before changing his party in 2018, and had been receiving a large amount of political solicitation from Democrat organizations, the report said.

Zahara said he felt Democrats were “terrorizing him with their propaganda” and said he responded to the text message from HRC saying he would “stop by with his piece” but that he thought he was only responding to a bot, the report said.

Zahara told police he had no weapons and didn’t believe he would have any consequences for sending the message.

He was charged with falsely communicating an act of terrorism and booked into the Clark County Detention Center, where he was being held Tuesday on $20,000 bail.