LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Las Vegas police are revealing more details on a newly formed team to help address the increase in reckless driving and street racing across the valley.

Metro will host a virtual First Tuesday event on Tuesday, March 1, at 6 p.m. on its Facebook page.

(Credit: LVMPD Facebook page)

The newly formed Racing Apprehension and Intervention Detail team, also known as RAID focuses on reckless driving cases, intersection takeovers, street racing, and destruction on local roadways.

According to police, the newly formed team is already making arrests and towing cars involved in these issues.

Lt. Daryl Rhoads describes the types of incidents Metro police are currently dealing with across the valley.

“We are dealing with these racing and trick drivers. These intersection takeovers in our communities and there has been an outcry and a lot of people have come to us for help and I am here to let you know that we are doing something about it,’ Lt. Rhoads said.

Some residents in the northwest part of the valley tell 8 News Now they have noticed a change in the amount of speeding and drag racing in their neighborhood since the start of the year.

“It’s gotten better. I have to say because if it’s happening in other parts of Las Vegas I’m very sorry because I do know what the neighborhoods are going through, it’s awful and scary. Once in a while, you will hear someone, but nothing like it was,” said Carrie, a northwest valley resident, who did to want her last name used.

While other residents in North Las Vegas such as Tammy Rorabaugh believe there is still quite a bit of work to be done.

“In our area, no it has not gotten any better. I’m hoping they can come up with a solution that can possibly carry over to the north las vegas police department, to make the streets safer for all the people that are out on the street,” Rorabaugh added.

Police also shared a new email created to allow residents to assist police by reporting reckless drivers. The new email address is: