LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Las Vegas Metropolitan police detective is accused of strangling his girlfriend and dragging her through his home after she tried to leave, an arrest report said.

Det. Michael Lyons, 33, is facing charges of home invasion, second-degree kidnapping, and coercion domestic violence with the threat or use of physical force.

The victim said she has known Lyons for years but they only started dating one week before the alleged incident on Oct. 20. She said Lyons invited her to live with him and she spent most of the day before on Oct. 19 moving her things into his home.

The victim became upset with Lyons in the early morning hours of Oct. 20 after he said the victim’s best friend’s name during an intimate moment. She said she waited for him to fall asleep before packing her things and leaving, the report said.

When the victim got to the front door, Lyons tried to block her path but she managed to make it past him. She said Lyons then followed her outside, grabbed her by the neck, and dragged her into the living room. He then dragged her by the ankle into the bedroom, according to the report.

Lyons smashed the victim’s phone and “bear-hugged her” to keep her from being able to move. The victim told police that Lyons’ size and experience with martial arts training made it difficult to leave, according to the report.

The victim was eventually able to break free and escape, the report said.

After the victim drove away, Lyons chased her down Elkhorn Road and tried to cut off her vehicle with his truck at the intersection with Jones Boulevard. The victim kept trying to speed away and eventually hailed down North Las Vegas police officers just before 5:30 a.m.

In an interview with police, Lyons said he woke up to the victim trying to leave and asked her to stay. He said he followed her outside and “bear-hugged her” to bring her back inside the house but that she went “dead weight” while he was trying to move her, according to the report.

Lyons admitted to breaking her phone but said it was “purely out of anger” and not because he wanted to keep her from using it,” according to the report.

Lyons denied ever strangling or dragging the victim, the report said.

He was booked into the Clark County Detention Center and posted bail Oct. 25. His bail amount was not listed.

Lyons has been employed with LVMPD since 2015. The department said he will be placed on suspension with pay until he is criminally indicted.