LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Metro police are asking for help in finding missing 75-year-old Rock Stanley who is visiting Las Vegas from Texas.

Stanley was last seen Tuesday morning at around 5 a.m. near the 2700 block of Kyle Canyon Road. According to his family, he left to hike the Northloop Trial and never came back.

He was last seen wearing a yellow jacket, grey shorts, and a blue backpack. He is described as white, 5 feet 9 inches, 183 pounds, with hazel eyes and grey hair.

Stanley’s family described him as a father, teacher, and marine who is impossible to forget.

“Any of us are willing to do whatever we got to do to get him home,” said his son Ken Stanley. “I feel like every hour that goes by is not good for him, or us.”

Stanley and his wife were in Las Vegas for their yearly trip from Texas.

“Potentially slipped, may have gotten hurt, he might be sitting somewhere right now so these are all the possibilities that are going through our heads,” said Ken.

Stanley’s wife, children, grandchildren, Red Rock Search and Rescue, and Metro Police have been working around the clock to find him.

According to his son, Stanley texted his brother early Tuesday morning saying he got lost on the trail and that he was trying to backtrack. Other than that and one other call on Wednesday, the family has not heard anything from him since.

Anyone with information regarding his whereabouts is urged to contact the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department at 702-828-3111, the Missing Persons Detail during business hours at 702-828-2907, or at