LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – On Monday, more than 300,000 students in Clark County will return to the classrooms with safety taking center stage.

Local law enforcement agencies stood together at the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department headquarters to promote a safe start for the new school year.

“Beginning next week, we will have a unified command post with all of our law enforcement agencies so we can ensure constant communication,” Metro’s Deputy Chief Reggie Rader told 8 News Now.

He also added that there will be an increase in police presence at Clark County schools to promote a positive environment.

“I would also like to remind everybody that our motor traffic officers will be out in full force so be cognizant of those school zones,” he said.

They are also urging parents to pay attention to what their kids are doing.

“I know as the parent of a teenager that task can be daunting but you have to keep trying,” Chief Rader said.

“Check your student’s backpacks please make it a habit,” CCSDPD’s Chief Mike Blackeye added.

To enhance school safety, Chief Blackeye said the department has plans.

“This year our police department will be expanding our LEED program, our educational program,” he said. “We’ll have 22 instructors that will teach in our 70 middle schools to help with decision making.”

Canine, and random search programs will also expand, tripling the number of classroom sniffs at schools.

“We do have the Centegix system that was rolled out last year … every school staff has the Centegix button,” Chief Blackeye said.

A button alerting police of any dangers present on campus.

Data obtained by 8 News Now shows school police confiscated 49 guns [and] 47 being handguns during the 2022 – 2023 school year.

Chief Blackeye said there will be two officers at each high school. Officers will be patrolling elementary and middle schools as well.

He asked that parents monitor their child’s social media and report suspicious activity.

As for when Clark County schools will get metal detectors, Chief Blackeye said that the pilot program will continue throughout this school year.