Las Vegas Philharmonic introduces classical music to students

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The Las Vegas Philharmonic continues its commitment to musical education. For nearly 20 years, a program has allowed hundreds of thousands of elementary students to experience a free live classical concert to help promote the arts.

Students from various schools clap to “Can-Can.”  One of the  musical selections the Las Vegas Philharmonic plays during this year’s youth concert series at The Smith Center. 

Students gave the performance high marks.

“I think it was fantastic,” said Estella Vargas, 4th grade student at Dickens Elementary School.

“It was great,” said Ashley Mendonza, 4th grade Dickens Elementary School.

Some students really enjoyed being able to take part in the performance.

“That we got to sing,” said Ashley Mendonza, 4th grade Dickens Elementary School. “Singing this Land is my Land.”

An educational program the Philharmonic has offered for nearly two decades.

“The experience of seeing a live performance and understanding the music that they hear in movies, TV, video games and everything is performed by live people is invaluable,” said Dianne Katz, music teacher, Dickens Elementary School.

Exposing young students like Estella Vargas to a full orchestra and concert setting for the first time ever.

“I like how he teached us in different years and generations how people sang,” she said.

“By targeting this age group we are able to bring kids in, say this is how music connects to your life in history, humanities, culture, sciences and really get them at that early stage to start thinking about these things cross disciplinary,” said Kevin Eberle-Noel, director of education and orchestra operations.

The day included an additional experience at the Children’s Discovery Museum where students incorporated the music from the performance with educational activities.

“Very hands-on so they can see music and science interacting together,” Eberle-Noel said.

All geared towards teaching the value and importance of music in their lives and possibly inspiring the next generation of musicians. 

“I think it’s great and I want to do it one day,” Vargas said.

It costs the Philharmonic $20,000 a day to offer this program which relies on grants and donations. The youth concert series ends Thursday. It will resume in February with four more days.

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