LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – Residents in neighborhoods in the west Las Vegas valley told 8 News Now they are noticing an increase of rodents on their properties.

From citrus trees, pomegranates, and lush grass, it can all be inviting to rats.

“The rats will nest in the top of the palm and they run up and down the palm trees,” Dorthy Kerzetski who lives in Summerlin expressed.

As the cooler season moves into the Southern Nevada area, rats may be looking for warmer places to stay such as attics.

Pest control experts at Burns Pest Elimination told 8 News Now that calls for service have spiked recently and the damage rats can cause is pricey.

“Year after year, they are getting worse and worse and I think that’s with the construction stuff,” Beckie Shudinis with Burns Pest Elimination explained. “They can eat the wiring in your cars.”

She added that if not taken care of immediately, it could become an even bigger issue.

Have an inspection done and make sure rats are not getting into your home. You can do preventative service such as getting rodent stations on the exterior, Shudinis advised.

Experts also recommend homeowners not leave any food outside and clean up after their pets as their feces can be a food source for rodents.