LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — This week, The Palms will play host to a world championship event for aerobic gymnastics, with the majority of the athletes who will be representing Team USA in this competition are from Las Vegas. 

It was an exciting time inside the fitness center at MacDonald Highlands, where these aerobic gymnasts were gearing up for serious competition, the Elite Youth International Invitational Championship.  

“We’re going to have New Zealand, Canada, Japan, and Team USA compete with each other,” said Stephanie Furstahl, the founder of Elite Youth. 

She brought the sport, which combines traditional aerobics with dynamic strength and flexibility, from Hungary to Henderson.

“I love what I do, this is my passion and purpose in life, to elevate every single kid to their highest potential. This is my honor and it’s a true blessing for me,” said Furstahl.  

As a global sport, Elite Youth was the only team representing Team USA. The team was comprised of athletes from Las Vegas, Arizona, and Texas. 

“It takes a lot of hard work, determination, and commitment,” said Melody Wilham, a 14-year-old who has mastered the sport for six years. “I love it.” 

Emily Slone, an 11-year-old from Arizona, loved the leadership aspect of the team.  

When asked what she sees for the future, Slone replied that she was hoping that she and Elite Youth make it to the Olympics.  

“We’re using NLP technique, through conscious and unconscious mind, elevating physical body and mental health as well, creating leaders instead of followers,” added Furstahl.  

Leaders who are going for the gold this week!  

Elite youth is always looking for additional sponsors to help elevate these athletes to the next level. You can find them on their website