LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A non-profit helped cater a Thanksgiving meal for residents living in their building thanks to the generosity of anonymous donors at the last minute.

Caridad provides low-income housing for veterans, the homeless, and seniors on fixed-income, helping them get back on their feet.

Jim Malone sits on the board of directors of Hebron, which is the building operated by Caridad, and expressed gratitude for the donation.

“It tells me that people care, and what we’re doing here at Hebron is to build a transition. A bridge from homelessness to stability,” Malone said.

Hebron is located near Las Vegas Boulevard. Organizers weren’t having any luck finding donors to provide a Thanksgiving meal until the late donation.

The non-profit Caridad took over the building a year ago and it is a vision of Merideth Spriggs’ mission to humanize the homeless.

“We do once-a-month family meals and I think that’s important to restore people back to the community, especially after they’ve come off the streets,” Spriggs said. “They’re kind of missing that.”

Around 120 people live in Hebron, 40 of them are veterans.

Caridad places homeless veterans and those who are experiencing homelessness in job programs.

Spriggs says Hebron serves as a refuge in the desert for the homeless.

“Some of these people have no family, so this is everything for them, and it gets them out of the rooms. So, they’re not just lonely and alone on a holiday,” Spriggs said.

There were residents who expressed gratitude for the food, which included all the fixings of a traditional Thanksgiving meal.

“I want to thank them for everything they have done to get people back on their feet to where they’re supposed to be at,” Jeffery Hester said.

Caridad is asking for donations to repair a broken boiler pump at Hebron. You can help them by visiting their website.