LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — On Thursday night, many of the streets across town looked like rivers and now, neighborhoods are left cleaning up the mess. We saw the effect the storm had Thursday night when it rained hard and flooded roads. 

Now, it’s time to assess any damage. Many neighborhoods in the valley have reported downed trees and scattered debris. 

The Pinecrest neighborhood near Sandhill and Flamingo, east of the Las Vegas Strip had not one but two downed trees blocking the streets, all due to the severe winds. Debris and trash could also be seen scattered throughout the neighborhood.  

In the southwest part of Las Vegas, near Mountain’s Edge Parkway and Fort Apache, the extensive runoff from the rain continued across the flood channels and washes, leaving behind muddy and slick streets. 

Traffic is moving smoothly now after the Nevada Department of Transportation cleared a flooded road on Washington and 1-15. First responders assisted drivers braving the flooded streets, some drivers even hesitated and turned around to find a different route. 

We’re preparing for another round of showers tonight with heavy rain and flash flooding as the main concerns.