LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Two weeks ago, an area in the Northwest valley near Fort Apache Road and Tropical Parkway was dealing with major debris and flooding after severe storms hit the Las Vegas Valley on Aug. 1, 2023.

After recent fixes, the coming rain from Hurricane Hilary will be the ultimate test.

“We just finished a storm drain around El Capitan between Ann Road and Centennial. There was actually some flooding around there on August 1,” Chief Engineer Steven Parrish at the Regional Flood Control District explained.

He told 8 News Now the District has five to six projects going on at one time. The one up in the Northwest Valley just wrapped up.

Elevation is the key to safety said Parrish. New developments have to do drainage studies, so they are usually being built as structures are going up. Older areas that are below the level of the road are the most dangerous. It’s why the district manages flooding throughout the area.

“We’ve got multiple detention basins around the ring of the valley now that is capturing the water as it is coming out of the mountain and controlling that flow,” Parrish explained.

Those are part of the 106 detention basins that include 684 miles of channels and storm drains that help mitigate flooding in the valley.

If you are having issues with flood control in your neighborhood, you can contact the Regional Flood Control District and your local public works department for help.