LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – As Regal Cinemas’ recent bankruptcy filing is set to close one Las Vegas theater location, a local theater shared with 8 News Now its efforts to adapt to the industry’s ever-evolving landscape. 

“I don’t see stuff like this closedown,” Mark Lombardi said of the Regal Cinema location at Village Square, near Fort Apache Road and Sahara Avenue. “This was one of the main ones we would always come to.”

The theater is one of 39 set to shut down across the country, months after the movie giant’s parent company filed for bankruptcy. 

It’s a move that has brought the future of traditional cinemas to the forefront, as many still choose to stay home and take advantage of streaming services. 

Statistics show movies on the silver screen are still bouncing back after COVID-19 shutdowns, with ticket sales still 21% below what they were pre-pandemic. 

Therefore, spots like Art Houz Theater in downtown Las Vegas are doing their best to evolve with the times. 

“We like to be more than a movie theater,” Shawn Barrack Art Houz director of operations explained. “Really what drives people to come back is the experience.”

Barrack said the key to his theater’s success is a focus on things one can’t find at home, like gourmet meals and special events. 

“We have the restaurant, we have the bar, we do events,” Barrack said. “UFC watch parties, Golden Knights watch parties.”

While things aren’t the same as they were years ago, it looks like movie nights out are here to stay with some new and exciting twists. 

Barrack told 8 News Now a lot of movie companies will return to theater releases first, as opposed to simultaneous streaming options, which have been available since the pandemic. 

Regal Cinemas closures are expected to begin on February 15.