LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The mother of seven children who was found dead in a burned-out pickup truck may have been killed in retaliation over an unpaid debt on a stolen vehicle, police said. The body of Sandra Cruz-Lopez was discovered in the burning truck on Mother’s Day.

Antonio Barry-Edwards, 24, and Jordan Monahan, 30, are both facing charges of kidnapping, murder and arson in Cruz-Lopez’s death. Barry-Edwards is also facing charges in another homicide linked to the Cruz-Lopez case as well as charges in a separate case where he held a babysitter and young boy hostage during a standoff with police in late May, the I-Team first reported this week.

According to Monahan’s arrest report, she and her boyfriend, Barry-Edwards, took Cruz-Lopez from a trailer she shared with Eric Mosley, to Lake Mead Boulevard and Los Feliz Street on the far east side of the Las Vegas valley and shot her approximately seven times, once in the head.

Murder victim Sandra Cruz-Lopez is pictured in the middle.

According to the report, police interviewed two different people who knew the couple and said the shooting happened in retaliation for money that Mosley owed Barry-Edwards for a stolen truck but didn’t pay. That amount of owed money reportedly ranged from $100 to $800.

Barry-Edwards is also accused of shooting and killing Mosley on the same day Cruz-Lopez was allegedly abducted and killed.

Antonio Barry-Edwards is facing numerous charges in two murder cases and standoff with police involving hostages.

One of the witnesses interviewed said Barry-Edwards told him he forced Cruz-Lopez to drive toward Lake Mead and he became agitated with her because she wouldn’t “shut up” and then brought up the fact it was Mother’s Day, which upset Barry-Edwards because his mother is dead, the report said.

Jordan Monahan is facing charges in the death of Sandra Cruz-Lopez. (Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department)

The witness told police, Barry-Edwards asked Monahan to shoot Cruz-Lopez, but she hesitated so he shot her, but said it was Monahan’s idea to use WD-40 to light the truck on fire, the report said. Cruz-Lopez’s burned body was found in the backseat.

Both are due in court on Monday.