LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — It is an ordeal that parents of infants and babies never expected to go through, the struggle to find baby formula during a nationwide shortage.

A Las Vegas mother of triplets tells 8 News Now she is just taking it day by day hoping there is an end to this so babies don’t have to go hungry.

Lidia Flores’s 9-month-old triplets Kamila, Khalessi, and Kataleyah have big appetites, they go through 15 bottles a day which means one can of formula runs out fast. 

“It’s very stressful trying to make sure they are fed, that they have what they need when it’s nowhere to be found,” Flores said. 

Finding the right baby formula has become a daunting task for Flores as she goes out on a mission every two days to find baby formula.

“There have been a few times where I was like freaking out and I had to drive around town all day trying to find at least one can of formula,” Flores said. 

However, before one can of baby formula ends, the worry kicks in about where to find the next one. 

“What am I going to feed them when this one is gone and I can’t find another one?” Flores asks.

8 News Now went to local stores to see the dire situation currently taking place. 

A Target retail store had its baby formula shelves empty.

An employee said they expect to get a shipment every day, but they sell out almost immediately.

“A couple of people suggested goat milk if it gets too bad, I’ve even had friends suggest trying to re-lactate to try to pump milk, but that’s just a struggle in itself,” Flores said. 

For now, they are hoping to make it until the girls can start eating solid food. 

8 News Now spoke with Nevada Retail Association, it says it is hoping with President Biden making his drastic decision on Wednesday, to give formula makers a priority to get ingredients, that store shelves would be stocked within six weeks.