LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– A 29-year-old Las Vegas mother battling COVID met her baby for the first time after giving birth more than two weeks ago.

It was an emotional day Friday, Jan. 21, when Kristen Miranda was well enough to hold Penelope for the first time at Southern Hills Hospital.

The doctor who took care of Penelope suggested her middle name be Miracle.

“Because she’s the miracle that came this family going,” Dr. Robert Hsiao said.

After struggling to breathe on New Year’s Day, Miranda came to the hospital.

Four days later, Miranda’s doctors determined that they had to deliver her baby immediately or she or the baby might not survive.

On Jan. 5, nine weeks early, Little Penelope was born, weighing four pounds 5 ounces.

Immediately after the delivery, Miranda was rushed back up to ICU.

There were times when doctors weren’t sure if Miranda or the baby would survive- but this one has a happy ending!