LAS VEGAS (KLAS) –It’s a facility to help local police officers prepare for the worst. Nevada law enforcement officers say they will be as ready as possible, thanks to a new training center.

The tactical training facility has everything law enforcement needs to prepare for real-life scenarios. Their newest project will be making a makeshift school here in their newest building.

Being prepared for any type of critical incident is crucial when every second matters.

At Metro’s newest reality-based training center, Senators Catherine Cortez Masto and Jacky Rosen secured $3 million in federal funding to help buy technology, training equipment, and other resources.

“Ensuring that our law enforcement officers, firefighters, EMTs, everyone have the tools they need and the ability to train and prepare for whatever may come their way to keep our community safe. “We never know what is around the corner,” Sen. Cortez Masto tells 8 News Now.

Senator Jacky Rosen emphasized the need to keep our first responders safe.

“We want you to return home safely every night, that’s why we have centers like this,” she said.

On Friday, new details from Uvalde, Texas following a deadly shooting surfaced as many learned officers there waited to enter the school classroom in Texas.

Undersheriff Christopher Darcy says Metro’s training facility will help prepare his team to respond to situations immediately.

“When we respond we will enter the structure. So we have an entire section devoted to training our officers on that,” Darcy said.

They have continued to reflect and learn from the 1 October shooting that took 60 lives during a concert in Las Vegas.

“That way we will do it better if it should happen again,” he added.

Those who assisted in Friday’s tour say they are confident these training scenarios will help them respond immediately and help keep the community safe whether you are a resident of southern Nevada or just visiting here.