LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Las Vegas Deputy City Marshals are asking for the public’s assistance to identify a suspect they say stole debit cards from parked cars.

According to a release, the Marshals said a woman is a suspect in two different instances of debit cards being taken from cars parked at city parks.

Surveillance footage showed the woman and the car she may have been driving, shown below.

On Aug. 23, a victim parked her vehicle in the parking lot of Children’s Memorial Park. After several hours, she returned to find her front passenger window was shattered and her purse was missing.

Her stolen debit card was later used to purchase a $500 pre-paid gift card.

On Sept. 21, a second victim parked his vehicle in the parking lot of Majestic Park. A short while later, the victim’s girlfriend got a text message stating that her debit card had been used to attempt to purchase a $500 pre-paid gift card.

Anyone who recognizes the woman in the photo is asked to call the Deputy City Marshal tip line at 702-229-3223.