LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Businesses across the Las Vegas valley are trying to meet the demand of customers but many companies are short on staff.

One local manufacturing company, Body Balance System, is located in the southwest valley and is focused on developing heath-supporting technology such as red light therapy beds and detox therapies. The company sells nationwide and is hoping to go international.

While it’s experienced tremendous growth over the past five years, hiring employees has been a challenge in many ways.

“Getting people to reply to your ads, to show up for the interview, and to stay on the job,” said Micheal Londo, founder of Body Balance System.

He’s working to recruit and hire people this summer.

Another issue that has plagued the company is a shortage of parts which has caused the company to redesign some products.

Londo said he chose to open his company in Las Vegas because of its accessibility and cheaper costs.