LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The owner of a northeast Las Vegas valley dog boarding and grooming business will spend the next 11 days in jail after being sentenced Thursday morning.

PawZazz Sitter owner, Victor Garcia-Herrera, was sentenced on attempted animal cruelty charges and placed under arrest in the Regional Justice Center courtroom.

He accepted a plea deal in April 2022 after the two felony animal cruelty charges he faced were dropped to a gross misdemeanor charge. In addition to the 11 days in jail, Herrera will be on probation for one year, can’t have any pets or be around animals, and must complete a class on the appropriate treatment of animals. The judge said Herrera is not allowed to run his business from his home.

Mora died while being boarded at PawZazz Sitter. (Photo: Gina Greisen)

He was initially charged for the deaths of a dog named Mora in July 2021 and the death of another dog, Ying Yang in Dec. 2021. Animal rights activist Gina Greisen said she rescued Mora and took her to the business to be boarded for several days. She said the business sent her a text the dog suddenly died but a necropsy showed the death was caused by heat stroke. The second dog, Ying Yang, died after being deprived of medical care, according to court documents.

Animal rights activists said there have been numerous complaints about PawZazz Sitter on social media.

Animal rights activists held a rally outside the courthouse on Wednesday calling for the business to be closed but the judge said he didn’t have the authority to shut down the business.