LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Las Vegas man said he returned from a trip to find his apartment completely ransacked by squatters. 

Jermaine Pritchett told 8 News Now he walked into the unthinkable as every item he owned was gone and his apartment was destroyed. 

“They went through everything, pulled things apart, cut the couches, went into the vents in the bathroom,” Pritchett said. 

To protect Pritchett’s privacy, 8 News Now is not disclosing which apartment complex he lives in. 

“Maybe a window they were able to shimmy open,” Pritchett said when asked how the squatters got in.

Pritchett said they took everything from electronics and linen to clothing, even his undergarments. 

Pritchett said one of the squatters came in while he was on the phone with 911. He said he grabbed his gun and shot the person once.

“I was scared to death,” Pritchett said. “Nobody comes to my apartment without an invite, you know, I rarely have anybody.”

Pritchett recorded the aftermath and shared the video with 8 News Now, where you can see the person bleeding and denying breaking in. 

“When you are in that kind of a situation, you know it’s life or death, so it’s either you or that person,” he said. 

Police arrived and took the person to the hospital. They classified the shooting as self-defense in their notes.

Pritchett said he caught someone else trying to break in the night after the shooting.

“I was able to grab his arm as he was reaching in. I held him then my neighbors thankfully called the authorities,” he said. 

That person was arrested right away. 

Pritchett said the incidents of squatters coming into his home has made him feel like he has been stripped of his sense of security and safety.

“I definitely feel 100% violated; words can’t even explain it,” Pritchett said. 

Pritchett told 8 News Now he had to plead with his apartment complex numerous times to change his locks, and they finally did. 

Reporter Victoria Saha called the complex to ask what more they could do to prevent this from happening, but they declined to comment. 

Victoria also reached out to Las Vegas Metro police, who said the incident is still under investigation. They could not say whether the person Pritchett shot is out of the hospital yet. 

Police said that if you are ever in a similar situation, it is best to call 911, but it is up to you to decide what is best for your safety.