LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — For the second time a Las Vegas man, Jesus Catalan, has discovered human skeletal remains in the shallow waters of Lake Mead.

According to Catalan, he was in the water on Monday, Aug. 15 when he found what he believes to be a leg bone and a neck bone at the Swim Beach area. This is to the north of Hemenway Harbor.

This came just a day before the National Park Service confirmed the discovery of skeletal remains in the same area. Thursday night, the National Park Service confirmed the skeletal remains in Catalan’s video are human and are the ones found this week.

Catalan did say he contacted authorities about his recent find. Back in late July Catalan found human remains in the same area of Lake Mead. Those remains were confirmed to be human.

This week’s discovery is the fifth time bones have been found due to the lower water level at Lake Mead.