LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A man accused of threatening people with a knife is also accused of hitting a police dog repeatedly with a broom during his arrest, police said.

Kevin Doan, 36, faces charges of assault with a deadly weapon and mistreatment of a police animal, court records show. On March 6, police said they were called to a home on Grandview Ridge Avenue, near Warm Springs and Rainbow, for a report of a man who was chasing several people with a broom.

The top of the broom had been broken off, “creating a sharp point,” police wrote in Doan’s arrest report.

Officers said they fired five foam rounds at Doan to de-escalate the situation. They also released a police dog to bite the man.

“Doan reacted by striking K-9 Dasco repeatedly with the broom handle,” the report stated. “Officers were able to take Doan into custody once Dasco initiated the bite.”

Officers later learned Doan had allegedly threatened to kill people with knives and scissors before, according to the report.

No one was hurt. Doan was taken to the Clark County Detention Center.