LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – Las Vegas police are investigating a hit-and-run crash after a young man was accused of recklessly driving his mother’s car into a building, according to a police arrest report.

James Barrett now faces several charges including grand larceny and driving without a license.

The crash happened on Aug. 13 in the area of Topaz Street and East Tropicana Avenue shortly after 5 a.m.

Officers said they received a call that someone driving a Mercedes-Benz had crashed into a building. Barrett was also accused of running from the scene, according to the police arrest report.

Barrett’s mother later called 911 to report her son had called her to tell her that he had taken her car and crashed it.

She also added that her son apologized to her by phone following the crash.

“I’m sorry, Mom. I wrecked your car. I don’t know where I crashed, but it was near the house,” the arrest report stated.

When officers arrived at the scene they noticed “major damage” to the Mercedez-Benz which was overturned and lying on its left side.

Police also determined the car had traveled at a high rate of speed due to tire markings on the roadway and the curb, according to the police arrest report.

Officers stated that the posted speed limit on Topaz Street is 25 mph.

Based on the measurements taken at the scene and the damage police said they estimated that the speed of the car leading up to the crash was between 60 and 70 mph.

An electric utility box, water box, and fire hydrant were included in the list of property damaged at the scene of the crash, police said.

A witness at the scene stated that they saw Barrett exit the car by crawling through the passenger side window. The female witness also reported that she had recorded him leaving the scene with her cell phone camera, according to the arrest report.

Officers said they were able to make contact with Barrett after his mother gave them his phone number.

During a phone call with police Barrett told them he had been driving the car and had crashed, the arrest report stated.

Police added that Barrett told them he took the car keys from his mother’s home while she was asleep.

Barrett faces several charges which are listed below.

  • Grand Larceny of motor vehicle, 1st offense
  • Reckless driving with disregard of person/property safety
  • Duty to stop at accident with/attended vehicle/property damage
  • Driving without driver’s license

He was taken into custody by police at his home and then later taken to the Clark County Detention Center.