LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — It’s a new month, and while some may be thinking of holiday travel the increase at the gas pump is making it hard for many to just get to and from work every day.

“I’ve had to give up on other things just to be able to get gas to and from work once a week,” said Las Vegas local, Allyson Navar.  

As gas prices soar, Las Vegas drivers are noticing the daily increases. In North Las Vegas currently, some of the lowest prices 8 News Now has seen is $4.99 a gallon for regular.

“It’s actually $5.89 up the street and $6 dollars plus on the strip,” said Randy Bell. “This car costs $60 to fill up and before it would cost $35 to $45 dollars to fill up.”

As other parts of the country are seeing a decrease in cost, on the west coast prices have remained high and seem to be increasing.

A spokesperson with the Western States Petroleum Association says that unfortunately, people are feeling the effects of California policies on their pocketbooks.

“Nevada primarily is getting their petroleum or diesel from Utah. Las Vegas is getting it from LA-based refineries and LA is an expensive place to operate,” Kara Greene with Western States Petroleum Association shared.

According to AAA, the national average for gas is right around $3.80 and as for Nevada’s average is $5.48.