LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The clock has been ticking to get the bird and all the Thanksgiving fix-ins. 

“Besides the turkey, I like having my ham,” said local shopper Gloria Gomez. 

But this year having the turkey on your table will cost you more, and you could be competing with others on finding one for the right price. 

“So far, we only have one turkey breast and we have the makings for the jello, stuffings, and baked potato,” said tourist Neil Freeman.   

“I used Amazon Fresh, and it was only 30 dollars. I just checked yesterday, and they still have some in stock. You have to shop early,” said Mia Williams.  

The USDA alerted consumers of a possible turkey shortage this year and early next year due to an outbreak of avian influenza. 

The last outbreak was in 2015 when, according to the USDA, about 50 million birds were affected. 

“We are trying to order a lot at one time so we can have them for Thanksgiving but even now we are waiting on turkey legs and whole turkeys,” said Joseph Adams, the co-owner of Stuff My Turkey.  

Adams runs the Las Vegas business on Sahara and Decatur which specializes in turkey dishes. 

With the bird shortage, he’s concerned about keeping up with demand. 

“It’s called Stuff My Turkey, not Stuff My Chicken,” explained Adams. “We have to have turkey legs in our restaurant. We are hoping everyone will catch up and get supplies in.” 

Like everything else, inflation has been causing prices to go up with turkeys jumping from about $1.15 per pound last year to $1.47 this year, according to the USDA.