LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– New changes have come to the intersection of Las Vegas Boulevard and Silverado Ranch, where a woman was killed in her mobility scooter back on Nov. 28 as she tried to cross the road. 

“I personally went down to the corner, and the traffic there is just really tremendous,” Roxanne Murray, a resident, said.

The woman, identified as Stephanie Turner, was struck at the intersection of Las Vegas Boulevard and Silverado Ranch, just down the street from the senior community where she lived.

Murray and other residents demanded change, so they didn’t have to be scared for their life as they crossed the street.

“It is like building a school and not having a school zone. The seniors need to have safety,” Murray said.

Fresh asphalt was placed on the ground to make it easier for residents to have a make-shift sidewalk along the busy road.

“When it is warranted, the county needs to step up and get the job done sometimes,” Michael Naft, Clark County Commissioner, said.

Naft oversees this area, traffic changes at intersections take a while, but he said this was a priority case given the senior residents in the area.

The first step was to turn the dirt roads into a pathway with asphalt. 

However, for residents like Kris Milliron, who relies on a walker, she must catch the bus across the street, which she said is no easy task.

“We try not to go anywhere if we don’t have to at night. We try to do everything during the day where people can see us,” Milliron said.

The residents are hopeful more changes will happen, like a crosswalk and more lights.

Commissioner Naft said his office would look into those suggestions.