LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A homeowner shared his concerns with 8 News Now after receiving a landscaping violation by his homeowner’s association for not having enough plants in his yard.

Ryan Gustafson said he first purchased his home in 2018 and was hit with the violation this summer.

“It’s been the same as when I bought it really, and to suddenly be hit with this violation, I feel like they’re four years late,” he expressed.

Gustafson said his HOA — Northshore’s Association is requiring a plant for every 25 square feet of rock.

The tree in his yard doesn’t count as a plant and potted plants aren’t allowed, he told 8 News Now.

Gustafson also said the HOA also didn’t specify what types of plants he needs, and the plants must also have a drip irrigation system.

“These are things I only learned by sending them email after email trying to get more information,” he added. It’s not clear anywhere in their architectural guideline plan and it’s not clear in the violation paperwork they gave me.”

After missing a few meetings he said he’s trying to do the best he can to follow their guidelines and has reached out to his HOA on what he needs to do.

“The fact that we have to increase the amount of water we’re pouring into our yard at a time when our lake is at the biggest low it’s ever been doesn’t make any sense to me,” Gustafson added. “What I’m finding is that they can’t seem to tell me what I need to do to fix the problem.”

An HOA meeting is scheduled in October and Gustafson said he is planning to attend so he can get clarification.

8 News Now reached out to FirstService Residential, which is Northshore’s property management company, but has not received a response from both.