LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Las Vegas home prices jumped another $10,000 in the past month, according to a report released Wednesday by Las Vegas Realtors (LVR).

The median price of an existing single-family home in March was $460,000 — up 26.7% from $363,000 a year ago.

LVR reports that 31.7% of all sales in March were made with cash. That percentage continues to grow, but is still far short of levels nine years ago, when 59.5% of all sales were with cash.

As home prices continue to climb, more people are being priced out of the housing market. State and county officials have been looking for ways to support affordable housing, and Clark County commissioners on Tuesday voted to create a $160 million Community Housing Fund. County officials said there is currently a shortage of more than 85,000 homes for families who make less than $37,500 a year.

“We keep expecting prices to slow down at some point, but it’s not happening yet,” LVR President Brandon Roberts said. “With mortgage interest rates rising recently and the inventory of homes available for sale as low as it has ever been, it’s no surprise that we’re starting to see fewer homes being sold.”

Prices of condos and townhomes also continue to rise, now at a median price of $270,000 — up 39.2% from $194,000 a year ago, according to LVR.

Home prices have nearly quadrupled from their post-recession bottom of $118,000 in January of 2012, Roberts said. He added there is less than a one-month supply of properties for sale — “an extremely tight housing supply.”

LVR reported 4,205 existing homes, condos and townhomes sold in March. LVR’s statistics do not include new homes.

By the end of March, LVR reported 2,005 single-family homes listed for sale without any sort of offer. That’s up 13.1% from the same time last year. However, the 394 condos and townhomes listed without offers in March represent a 34.0% decrease from one year earlier.

Homes have been selling faster this year than previous years. In March, 89.9% of all existing local homes and 94.5% of all existing local condos and townhomes sold within 60 days.

The median price is the price in the middle — half sell for more, and half sell for less.