LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Local non-profit organization “City of the World” Art Gallery seeks artists and donations.

Officials from the gallery, located inside Meadows Mall near Valley View Boulevard and Meadows Lane, say their mission is to educate and boost the profile of local artists. The organization, in turn, requires a boost to keep up with its workshops, gallery space, and free community art programs, according to executive director Roz Knight.

“Breathe,” an exhibit at North Las Vegas City Hall, features art from Founders Classical Academy of Las Vegas tenth grader Margarita Moreno and will be featured through the end of March.

“I struggle with anxiety, and one of the things they tell me to do is breathe or calm down,” said Moreno. Moreno said she finds calmness in water and uses that as an inspiration. Her art will be sold at City of the World in Meadows Mall in May.

Of the proceeds from the sale, the galley receives a small portion. And while the gallery hosts workshops for all ages and offers free art in the park and “artz-to-go” programs, funds are short. However, Knight says she believes art to be educational and healing.

“We’re in need of everything,” said Knight. “We’re poor.”

The gallery can’t afford to hire staff, so they require artists to watch over the gallery for about seven hours a month and rent their space.

Kids and teachers can display student art for free, participate in festivals, and host workshops.

“Art in a gallery is very exciting, and we bring that out in kids,” said Maria Todd, the vice president of the gallery. “Kids need to create and be creative, to express themselves.”

The gallery is getting ready to debut its spring and summer workshop calendar. More information on how to get involved or donate is available on the City of the World art gallery website.