LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The sound of gunfire could be frightening, however, local law enforcement agencies are trained to respond and react.

8 News Now Victoria Saha got an inside look at how the Las Vegas division of the Federal Bureau of Investigations does its firearm training, and how important they said it is to keep up on a regular basis.

Spencer Evans is the special agent in charge of the Las Vegas Division of the FBI and had several range instructors walk 8 News Now through their firearms program.

“This is serious business it’s dangerous and there’s not a bunch of cowboys just shooting,” Evans said.

Though it may look easy from afar, the FBI goes through rigorous training.

“Every agent qualifies with their weapon at least four times a year those that run specialty teams including SWAT are going to qualify every week,” Evans added.

No matter how much preparation goes into training, Evans said there is always a threat.

The deadly shooting that involved Metro police officer Truong Thai, who was killed in the line of duty is a recent example.

“Even if the round hits you in the wrong place it can still kill you,” Evans told 8 News Now. “Firearms are a natural part of the job and bad guys have them too, and as we have seen in the last couple of weeks they aren’t afraid to use them.”