LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Las Vegas father found himself in a unique position after going to great lengths to provide a unique backyard for his daughter.

However, it may have to be torn down due to specific Homeowners Association rules.

Philip Edgar said his 12-year-old daughter Claire loves playing outside and that’s what gave them the idea to transform their backyard into a place most kids would never want to leave, including a tree house where Claire can be herself.

“We call it a tree house but that doesn’t really do it justice, it really is a piece of art,” Philip Edgar added. “Claire has a bit of a learning disability so she is a little bit of a loner and spends a lot of time at home and not with her friends, so it is good for her to play in the garden.”

Edgar told 8 News Now the issue came up when the board members of the Las Vegas Country Club Master Association said they don’t approve of it.

“It is our fault for not following up on the rules up front and getting all the proper permissions before we built it,” Edgar stated.

But now it is built, and they want to keep it for Claire.

Looking back, Edgar said he would have gone about it differently.

“I would try getting all the appropriate permissions appropriately but that might mean you could never even start building it because you might not get those permissions,” he added.

He had the Southern Nevada Arborist Group come by to assess the tree house.

In their multi-page report, the group stated, “This feature needs to be preserved and maintained as a benefit for the homeowner, community, and the greater Las Vegas valley population.”

But Edgar said the managers of the HOA are giving him two options.

“Probably we are going to have to completely tear it down or move it to the ground so it’s invisible to the outside world,” Edgar said.

That would make the tree house lose its purpose and Claire would lose her Safe Haven.

“She loves it so it will be a shame,” Edgar expressed.

8 News Now did reach out to the manager at the Las Vegas County Club Master Association on which exact guidelines the tree house didn’t meet but have not heard back from them.

The HOA did not allow the 8 News Now crew on the property, instead, the Edgars were interviewed off-site.