LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A family is searching for a missing cross at the memorial site of their son who passed away twelve years ago after a motorcycle crash.

The family of Michael Weyand told 8 News Now they placed the cross at the site near Craig and Cimmaron but it wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago that they noticed it was gone.

Michael’s wife was the person who first noticed that the cross was missing after she was driving by one day.

“To live every day without him here, it’s just unreal, and then to come here and see that the cross
is gone, it brings everything back to the surface,” Debbie Weyand who is Michael’s mother expressed. “We’ve had this cross in memory of our son Michael since 2011 and to pass by it and see that it’s gone, we just wanted to reach out.”

The family wonders if the city took it down or maybe the neighborhood HOA, but both have confirmed that it wasn’t them.

“We were grasping for straws to see if there were any cameras or security footage and there was nothing,” Mike Weyand said.

He would have been 33 years old and is described by his family as an outgoing person who loved to explore the outdoors.

The family is looking into ordering a replacement cross for their son’s memorial site but said they hope the original will be eventually located and returned to them.