LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– Flooding can be expected after heavy rain, but it is hard to predict how severe it can get. A family living on the east side of the valley continues to clean up after their living room turned into a river as water leaked into their home on Friday.

Almost everything that was inside the house near Charleston and Hollywood Boulevard was scattered on the front lawn airing out in an attempt to save the items.

“There was more water inside than outside at the moment,” said Serene Temple.

Temple said her living room transformed into a lake as the water quickly rose to her ankles. The flooding in her home and yard has made it difficult for her kids and pets to live there.

Temple told 8 News Now that there was no way to start the clean-up process until the water was drained, but the drain by her house that Clark County is responsible for was clogged. It did not get unclogged until Temple’s neighbors cleared it themselves.

“It went from oh that’s a lot of rain to oh my God that’s a little river, okay that’s a giant river before it came into the house,” said Temple.

The flood destroyed a majority of Temple’s belongings along with the prized artwork she painted at 18 years old.

Temple rents the house and she says a restoration company started the clean-up process and the company provided fans on Tuesday. However, the owner of the home told the company to take the equipment out.

“I’m in shock because this was supposed to run for another week,” said Temple.

Temple does not know if she can continue to live in the house if the damage is not fixed.

8 News Now contacted the owner of the house, Max Carter, to find out why the clean-up stopped, he said “no comment” and hung up.

The county was also contacted about the clogged drains and they said that the drains are cleared out every month and when it storms.

A fund has been established to help Temple and her children. It can be found on GoFundMe by searching “Emergency Flood Support for Single Mom and Kids.”