EDITOR’S NOTE: An earlier version of this story had installation beginning mid-summer, the company has updated that timeline to Oct. 2023.

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Now that there is less than a year to go before the F1 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix 8 News Now has confirmed set up next to public roads will begin in October, more than a month before the race.

The Las Vegas Grand Prix is scheduled to take place on a mostly road course track south on the Strip, east on Harmon, north on Koval, and west on Sands. There are other parts of the track such as the paddock area that are being built on privately owned property.

One of the major parts of any F1 race is the barriers that separate fans from cars that will be topping out faster than 200 mph at times. The company that has contracted to design and install the barriers in Las Vegas is a Swiss-based firm called Geobrugg. “In Las Vegas, the assembly of the debris fence panels will take place starting around mid-2023,” a Geobrugg spokesman initially told 8 News Now. This has now been updated to October.

8 News Now has asked about a more specific timeline for barrier and fence construction but has not been able to confirm exact dates at this time.

Geobrugg makes safety fences and barriers for auto racing around the world. It has partnered with F1 and Las Vegas Paving to provide the barriers and fence for this race.

A Geobrugg spokesman told 8 News Now it is building “the mobile debris fence and pit wall” for the Las Vegas race. It has also been training workers at Las Vegas Paving to manufacture barriers using molds it has provided.

“The mobile debris fence and also the pit wall consisting of a concrete base with fence panels on top,” the Geobrugg spokesperson told 8 News Now. “The concrete base is locally manufactured and Geobrugg is providing the molds and key elements (which are inserts to the concrete barrier).”

On Geobrugg’s website, it has photos and videos of its barriers and fences going through rigorous testing to ensure safety. Geobrugg has designed and installed safety fencing and barriers in multiple cities around the world for auto racing including the Miami International Autodrome where the inaugural Miami Grand Prix was held earlier this year.