LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Students and staff at a local elementary in Spring valley surprised one of their neighbors with a special delivery.

Marion Earl Elementary School teamed up to give back by collecting canned goods to donate to Christ the King Church’s pantry, which many students’ families rely on.

“It’s really important for our community. We talk about that service, we talk about gratitude, we talk about giving back,” Marion Earl Elementary School principal, Veronica Hunt said.

Christ the King Church is right around the corner from the school and Hunt told 8 News Now that a handful of families do use that food pantry.

“That makes me feel great because that makes me feel like everyone is just coming together and helping each other, and how the other families that don’t have enough so they can enjoy this holiday with their family,” fifth grader, Madison Calvano said.

Hunt said that giving back is how the school shows these families that they support them.

“Sometimes my family won’t be in the best situation, so depending on their last savings, I don’t want anyone else to feel like that,” fifth grader, Xyriel Evangelista said. “It’s like a huge amount and I was really surprised that my class donated a lot to help the community.”

Last year the school collected a little over 1,00 cans and that was a record. this year they collected 1,600.

“We appreciate everyone whose helped us out in the community,” Eleanor Alongi, receptionist at Christ the King said.