Las Vegas drivers turn to mobile app to prevent them from texting and driving

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — As texting and driving continue to be an issue on roadways across the country, some people are turning to technology to help them stay off their phones. There are numerous mobile apps trying to make a difference.

Cynthia Spirlin says she can barely drive a few feet without getting a text on her cell phone.
“It’s always going off,” she said.

But Spirlin turned the potentially dangerous device into a trusty tool.
“It’s a temptation, unless it’s in the back, the rear of the car; I will touch the phone, but then my app comes on,” Spirlin said.
Spirlin has a mobile app that locks her out of her phone when she’s behind the wheel. She’s only had it for four months, but she says, it’s working.
“Because I just always have my phone on, it’s just a habit when it goes off to respond to it, so it helps me slowly break that habit and change the behavior,” said Spirlin.

There are several apps drivers can download, such as LifeSaver, AT&T DriveMode, Cellcontrol, and many more — that can block you from using your phone when you’re behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Some of the apps even send auto-reply messages back to the people texting you.”
“Anything that’s going to deter you and possibly save your life, is a great option,” said Ginger Allen, the CEO, “Your Marketing Liason.”
Tech experts say another great tool a lot of these apps have is allowing parents to check-in so that they can keep their kids safe.
“Parents can actually control when they’re using their phone and when they’re not, so parents can actually shut that phone off while they’re driving,” Allen. “It can actually have a lockout, so when you’re driving, you can’t bypass the system or go around the system.”

Some of those apps are actually starting to reward drivers for safe driving, by giving points to be used as discounts when you go shopping.

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