LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Las Vegas valley drivers should prepare for more construction zones on Charleston Boulevard for a project aimed to improve the street and sewers.

8 News Now spoke to drivers who said more construction means more headaches for them.

“I used this road to go to work so now I’m going to have to make some adjustments now,” Christian Copca said. “I didn’t know it would be 18 months, that’s crazy.”

Copca had to plan his next move when he found out about the city’s plan to reconstruct the roads and sewage line along Charleston Boulevard from Rancho Drive to MLK Boulevard.

Other drivers felt as if Las Vegas has become its own construction zone.

“A lot of places here in Vegas right now are under construction and it’s making it a lot harder for locals to get to where we need to go,” UNLV student, Petra Pacifici said. “I go to UNLV so getting to school is going to be much harder.”

The reconstruction includes widening the sidewalks, adding streetlights and bike lanes, and upgrading traffic signals.

On Rancho Drive, the work will include the rehabilitation of a 45-inch existing sewer pipe and seven manholes.

On Charleston Boulevard, a water main replacement and sewer and storm drain improvement will be done.

Daniela Parente acknowledged that the work needs to be done, but is still not looking forward to driving in the midst of it.

“I take my daughter to school every morning and the congestion, it’s already bad as it is,” Parente said.

The project is funded by the city’s sanitary sewer enterprise fund and is budgeted to cost 38.5 million dollars.