Update: Bark-André Furry spent Monday at the vet to monitor glucose levels, which were between 3 and 4 times the normal rate. The vet has updated his insulin dose until his next visit, which will be on Dec. 6.

On the upside, Bark’s owners shared that while Bark is now napping quite a bit, he still loves going to the park every morning and going for rides. The comments sections on the social media posts were overwhelmed with positivity and well wishes.

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Local Las Vegas celebrity dog Bark-André Furry has fallen ill, according to a social media post by his owners on Wednesday evening.

According to the post, over the first weekend of November, Bark’s owners noticed that he was having difficulty moving around and seemed to be hesitant to climb stairs. The fourteen-year-old was bumping into furniture and appeared to have gone blind.

After eye tests revealed cataracts, his blood work showed elevated sugar levels and possible liver complications, the post explained.

Bark’s owners let his fans know that an insulin regiment was going to be started to help control his blood sugar levels, and included an article from VCA Animal Hospitals that explained diabetes mellitus in dogs and how insulin treatments can help.

Then, after two weeks, Bark-André is expected to return to the vet for additional testing to determine if the issue is in fact diabetes related or if it could be something more serious.

Shortly after the post went up on Bark-André’s Facebook and Instagram accounts, fans of the Jack Russell terrier rushed to give him well wishes for a speedy recovery.

Bark-André Furry, named after NHL player Marc-Andre Fleury, has been well known throughout the Las Vegas valley for years as a sports-loving therapy dog and an ambassador at the Tyler Robinson Foundation, a foundation started by Las Vegas band Imagine Dragons and Tyler’s family to help battle the unseen costs of childhood cancer.