LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– A Las Vegas doctor is re-adjusting to life in the states again, after spending months volunteering in Ukraine.

Dr. Bernales, a family practitioner in the Las Vegas area was not frightened by the images of destruction facing Ukraine. It instead pushed him to put his medical skills to use.

He describes what he witnessed in Ukraine as “harrowing’, and said the devastation seen on tv, was just a sliver of what he faced. “This old lady with 21 bullet fragments and we have to take them out one by one in the office,” he recalls, “and we ask her if she wants to go to the hospital she said no she was so frantic to get out of Ukraine, she said no I’m going to Poland.”

In an undisclosed secret shelter, Bernales was stationed near the border of Poland, where refugees would stop before continuing their journey.

But the crying, screaming, and panic Bernales faced from the refugees trying to escape Ukraine was starting to affect him. Which is why he decided to return home after nearly 4 months of serving those in need. “I felt a lot of guilt coming home but I did my part.”

Bernales says he would like to return to Ukraine eventually, and he encourages other American doctors to help out as well.