LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Las Vegas dance instructor is taking his passion a step further by providing free classes to underserved communities.

Calvin Turner has had a passion for dance since he was 14 years old.

“Dance means love, passion for me, it is more of a feeling for me,” Turner said. “There were times where I didn’t feel comfortable with myself, I didn’t feel good with myself, but I went into that dance studio and everything just fazed away from me.”

Turner went from dancing on the Las Vegas Strip, to make ends meet, to participating in So You Think You Can Dance. 

Then he took a leap by opening his own dance studio, Inten City Dance. 

This time he swayed kids from underprivileged communities to use dance as an outlet with free classes. 

“Some kids need a confidence boost, feel that they are loved, feel that they have a safe haven, and they can be creative,” Turner said. 

Participants Tayla Westerman and Taylor Paige each found their own rhythm for life in Turner’s studio whether it is with ballet or tap dance.

“My personality was very shy, very timid,” Tayla Westerman said. “I can feel my expressions and be free.”

As Turner watches his students flourish, he told 8 News Now “It gives me a sense of accomplishment that I was able to change their life in a certain way.” 

“Before I was happy now, I am super very very happy,” Taylor Paige said. 

Classes at Inten City start at $70 a month for one class a week. Toddlers to adults can participate however if you know of a child that could use his free program you can click here.