LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Members of the Southern Nevada cyclist community shared their shock Thursday after police deemed a recent hit-and-run crash that killed a cyclist intentional. 

“I’ve never heard of anybody being intentionally hit,” Pat Treichel, founder of Ghost Bikes Las Vegas said. 

Treichel shared his surprise over the recent incident in the northwest valley. 

A video posted on social media reportedly showed the crash on Aug. 14 in a car Las Vegas Metropolitan police said was stolen. 

The driver, who was identified as a 17-year-old boy, appeared to swerve to intentionally hit 64-year-old cyclist Andreas Probst, who later died. 

The driver is now facing an open murder charge. 

“It’s almost always distracted drivers or someone impaired,” Treichel said of crashes in Southern Nevada. “This one is a little different.”

Treichel said situations like this put the entire cycling community on edge. 

“We are trying to create awareness,” Treichel said. “We are trying to create a conversation.”

He wants drivers across the valley to be aware of those who are vulnerable on the road, whether they are on a bicycle or on foot. 

“Cyclists aren’t trying to take over the roads by any stretch of the imagination,” he explained. “We are just trying to coexist.”

While any loss of life is devastating, Treichel hopes memorials created by Ghost Bikes Las Vegas serve as a reminder that every single person on the road matters. 

“It wasn’t just a person in spandex on a road bike or mountain bike,” he said. “It was somebody’s father, somebody’s brother.”

Police said the suspect was involved in another hit-and-run crash before he hit Probst. He was also reportedly involved in several other vehicle thefts that day, according to officers. 

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