LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The Las Vegas cycling community is in mourning, following a deadly crash on the U.S. 95 Thursday morning.

Five people are dead and three others injured after a box truck driving in the same direction as a group of about 10 cyclists veered into their lane, on the U.S. 95 just south of Boulder Hwy., according to Nevada Highway Patrol. It happened Thursday morning around 9:30 a.m.

Now, cycling groups and bike shops across the Las Vegas valley are reeling from this terrible tragedy. Those killed and injured Thursday morning were known to many as experienced and talented riders.

“We’re just all numb. We’re processing it. It’s been tough,” said Shawn Tyrone, General Manager of Las Vegas Cyclery.

Shawn Tyrone, General Manager of Las Vegas Cyclery

Tyrone is at a loss for words. He says some of his friends and cycling buddies tragically died in Thursday morning’s crash on the U.S. 95. It is a pain the whole Las Vegas cycling community is feeling right now.

“We’re a tight-knit group here in town,” Tyrone said. “It affects all of us, as cyclists, personally. We’re all out there every day, enjoying our hobby and trying to stay alive.”

In front of Las Vegas Cyclery, there is a Ghost Bike sculpture from 2018. Tyrone says he expects to see one at the site of Thursday’s crash, as the white bikes are usually placed where cyclists have died in car crashes.

“To raise awareness and just to remind everyone that, there’s not a text or a phone call or anything distraction-wise that’s worth somebody’s life,” Tyrone said.

Bike shops around town are mourning this loss as well — including at McGhie’s Ski, Bike & Board.

“The bike industry in Las Vegas is definitely hurting today,” said Dan Kalny, a Sales Floor Manager at McGhie’s Ski, Bike & Board.

Dan Kalny, Sales Floor Manager at McGhie’s Ski, Bike & Board

Kalny says some of the people killed were customers at McGhie’s. And although it is still unclear what exactly caused the box truck to veer into the cyclists, one thing is for certain: these were highly-skilled — and safe — riders.

“It sounds like everybody was doing the right thing,” Kalny said. “They had a vehicle with them, maintaining a safe distance. They were using lights. They were on a ride and a route that they had used before.”

Tyrone added, “They’re all experienced riders, a lot of them are racers.”

Ghost Bike sculpture at Las Vegas Cyclery

As Tyrone comes to terms with what happened, he says he is reminded of how precious life is.

“Hug everyone you meet, because they might not be there tomorrow,” Tryone said.

The Las Vegas cycling community is planning to have a vigil in front of the Ghost Bike sculpture at Las Vegas Cyclery this Saturday, to honor the lives of the cyclists killed in Thursday’s crash. The location is 10575 Discovery Dr. in Las Vegas, near Twain Ave. and Town Center Dr.