LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — It took more than distance, COVID-19 and a terminal disease to keep Jason and Amanda Hare from finding their happily ever after.

The Las Vegas couple was married in Arizona on Sept. 19, making things official as Amanda battles cystic fibrosis a state away from her husband. She has to live in the Phoenix area for treatment while she awaits a lung transplant that could give her many more years of life.

“We just decided to do it here in Arizona while she’s on the list,” Jason said.

The couple met on a Las Vegas locals Facebook group. They’ve been together a little more than a year, according to Jason. They were engaged in January of 2020 and originally planned to marry in November in Vegas.

“But with the COVID stuff going on, we obviously cancelled that,” Jason said.

Seeking to get married as soon as possible, they reached out to Gayene Melikyan, a wedding officiant and owner of Weddings in Las Vegas, on Facebook. Melikyan was deeply touched by their situation.

“She (Amanda) said, ‘If something happens to me, I want him to have a memory,'” Melikyan said. “And he wanted to give her the opportunity to feel like a bride.”

Jason flew Gayene out to Arizona to officiate their wedding. They married in a small ceremony in a park with a small crowd of attendees, then drove away on Jason’s motorcycle.

About a week later, Amanda announced on her blog that she is now officially on the lung transplant list. While she waits for the potential life-saving news in Arizona, Jason visits her on weekends from Las Vegas.

“I think this is the type of love I always celebrate, I always preach,” Melikyan said. “It calls for a true celebration. Out of everyone, this is one of the couples that do deserve a happily ever after.”

It’s a love so deep, Jason wrote a song for Amanda that was played at their wedding. It’s the track playing in the video in this article.

To help Amanda with medical expenses while she awaits her transplant, she has set up a blog with the Children’s Organ Transplant Association that can be found HERE.