LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Ukrainian flag hangs side by side with the American flag at Eduardo Resto and Amy Graf’s house. Neither of them is Ukrainian, but their heart is pulling them to the country. 

“It’s simple American solidarity with Ukraine,” Resto said. “They are the bravest people I have seen yet.”

“Just to see the destruction it was upsetting,” Graf said.

As the rest of the world watches in horror the destruction Ukraine continues to face, the Las Vegas couple is getting ready to fly to the war-torn country to offer medical help to those who couldn’t escape. 

“The people that are left behind, the older people with diabetes, high blood pressure chronic illnesses,” Resto said. 

Resto and his wife are both nurses, this trip will be Resto’s second visit during the war. 

“I’m toward the end of my life so I got more behind me than I got in front of me so if I’m going to make a difference now is the time to do it,” Resto said. 

He describes the images that still haunt him, particularly a playground that is now ravaged by bullet holes. 

“Even the bad guys got kids so at that point the person doing that is no longer human I guess,” Resto said. 

The couple will fly out this week with medical equipment and over-the-counter medicine and return on July 20th. The couple is volunteering with the organization Global Care Force. 

If you would like to donate or volunteer, you can click here.