LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– A Las Vegas couple have launched a device to help women feel a sense of security when they are out and about.

In a city where the nightlife never ends, and there’s a constant influx of tourists visiting, the risk of danger is always present, prompting one couple to get creative with safety.

“I had this idea of what could we put into a lipstick and how could we keep people safe with literally a lipstick,” said Joy Hoover.

Hoover is CEO of Esoes Cosmetics and has worked in Las Vegas for 13 years. She used her passion for social work and cosmetology and came up with a device that could potentially save lives.

“This is a regular lipstick that comes off, you can see our logo on it right there. Covertly at the base you just click it off it’s our test strips,” she said. The test strips can detect if a drink has been tampered with.

The lipstick also comes with a panic button, synced up with the Esoes app on one’s phone, it can alert friends and authorities if someone is in trouble. “Yes test your drink but if you already feel unsafe then push the button,” Hoover said.

A driving force for this product came from a personal tragedy Hoover suffered in 2013. She lost her mother to domestic violence.

With this new product, she hopes she can save a life, just by being proactive.

For more information on Esoes Cosmetics, and what it’s doing to help keep women safe, visit this link.