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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — More than a 100 COVID-19 antibody tests are on the market that are not approved by the federal government but a Las Vegas based health company is now conducting COVID-19 antibody testing using an authorized lab.

E7 Health has two locations in the valley and will be conducting antibody testing which will let people know if they have had the virus.

“I had been sick in February, fever, runny nose, the whole nine yards,” said Ginger Allen, who was tested.

She wanted to know if her recent illness was COVID-19.

“I work in the medical field, I am in offices all the time with patients in and out, and with my mom, I want to make sure I am protecting her,” she said.

Her antibody test came back negative.

She wanted to make sure she could inform people if she did indeed have it, something medical experts say will help in the fight.

 “If I come and say I am positive now and I have the disease then I know four weeks ago I had the disease and then I can go to my relatives or anyone I came in contact with and warn them,” said E7 Helth CEO and Medical Director Jonathan Baktari, E7 Health.

For decades, the Las Vegas company has been performing antibody tests for a number of illnesses such as measles and mumps. Days ago, it started antibody testing for COVID-19. In April, the FDA issued an emergency authorization for certain companies to do the tests.

“This was because there was a lot of tests coming on the market, literally hundreds from China, which had no authorization, no clearance and they hit the market,” Baktari said.

He says no referral is needed. Anyone can make an appointment at this link. The test costs around $149 but Baktari said many insurance companies do reimburse for the test.

The samples go to an authorized lab and the results come back in two to three days and are posted on an online portal. Baktari said the tests from a company called Abbot Laboratories who has authorization.

if people are getting antibody tests, it is important they are done at a reputable company.

“It is very important because there are a lot of  kits and clinics doing non-authorized tests before the authorization started kicking in,” he said.

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