LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Sometimes shootings happen because children gain access to their parent’s guns, but one Las Vegas-based company is trying to address that.

Carl Cosico was at the SHOT Show on Friday at the Venetian displaying his new, innovative product.

A fabricator by trade, Cosico builds sets for entertainment shows on the Las Vegas Strip.

During the pandemic, he lost his clients, which Cosico says gave him free time to innovate. Time he used to build a biometric fingerprint gun case.

“It’ll save lives. It could save your life, your family’s life,” Cosico said.

Fastarmed is the name of Cosico’s company and it sells a gun case that only opens using a person’s fingerprints.

The case is designed for a vehicle or house, and it deploys a gun in one second after detecting the owner’s fingerprints.

“Most people, a lot of people, leave their gun laying around because it’s fast access, even if they have kids. That’s stupid,” Cosico said.

According to federal data, firearms became the leading cause of death for children and teenagers in 2020.

While the product is still new, Cosico is already taking orders from store owners, churches, and schools.

“I’ve actually had schools interested, and with all the school shootings, you can program all the teachers and staff fingerprints,” Cosico said.

The SHOT Show is the largest trade show of its kind. It’s also the fifth largest show held in Las Vegas with an economic impact of $88 million on the city’s economy. This year marked the event’s 45th anniversary.

There were some vendors showing off the latest in sport hunting technology.

“We’ve incorporated video recording, which is very popular. You can actually record what the scope sees during your hunt, and you can share it with friends and family,” Steve Lemenov, the director of marketing at ATN, said.

Fastarmed is currently taking pre-orders on its website for its biometric gun case, which has yet to hit the market.